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Again, thanks so much for your help! My testimonial is below. Please use it.

"Gene Ballin provides an invaluable service to home buyers. His no nonsense, direct and professional approach is the best option for anyone contemplating the purchase of a home."

Tony Hardy

Inspector Gene,

Your discovery the Furnace and the Air-conditioning were both running at the same time was a real shock to the seller and to me. I didn't know that was possible!


Hi Gene:

I apologize for the delay in responding to you after the inspection I was afraid I'd jinx the whole project if I got too excited and ahead of myself with the house.  :)  Paranoid, maybe, but as a first time homeowner, I just didn't want anything to go wrong.

The good news is that we closed yesterday!  The house is finally ours!  Thank you so very much for your inspection!  Not only were you incredibly responsive to our quick timeline, but the documentation you provided with pictures and descriptions helped us with the walk-through before the close.  It allowed us to easily identify what should have been fixed and how, and served as a wonderful checklist.  I'd be happy to recommend you to any other homebuyers as their first choice for an inspection, and I know our realtor has you on her list for recommendations as well.

Thank you again for helping us achieve our dream of owning a home!




Melanie Winstead


Mr Ballin,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Your brutal honesty about the house allowed us to make the right decision!!

Your report was easy to read and the pictures helped us tremendously, the report explained everything… I will definitely recommend you to future home buyers!


Thanks again,



The seller said the house was connected to the sewer system years ago.  Instead it was still using a septic tank and lift pump system which had not been serviced for years! 

The seller had no knowledge of this situation and you found it!

Your attention to detail is amazing and appreciated.

Thank you,
Virginia L.

Mr. Ballin.

“You found the water heater was connected to the plumbing backwards since it was installed 6 years ago. I didn't even know it was possible to install a water heater backwards. I learned more about a house in 3 hours than I could have ever imagined possible, it is as if I had my own private house tutor

Catherine R.