The construction site was my playground   

   My father built custom homes in the 60's. When I became bi enough to handle tools, my father would assign me to work as a helper for the various master tradesman that worked for him; masons, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, pipe fitters, etc. I would dig ditches, fetch wood, pull wire, cut pipe, what ever an apprentice would do! From these experiences I have acquired a genuine understanding of the good and bad aspects of the home building process.

 I obtained my first contractor License in Tennessee  in 1996 and maintain my contractors licenses in TN for the Building, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC trades.  I also hold a residential builder license in Mississippi. Because of my diverse background and experience, many consider me to be an excellent troubleshooter and I often receive calls from loan underwriters, appraisers, real estate agents, etc., when they have a question about houses.

Note: Under the Home Inspection rules, I cannot sell contracting services to clients I have done Home Inspections for until 12 months after the date of doing the Home Inspection for them.


  United States Marine Corps 

Duty Stations 
MACS-6 Camp Lejune, NC

HMM-264 New River air station - New River, NC

U.S.S. Guam LPH

  HMX-1 Presidential service squadron - Quantico, VA 


Tactical Air traffic controller 

Helicopter Flight Crew Chief, Plane captain

Aviation Maintenance inspector/CDI

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare survey and decontamination leader

Nuclear weapons handling team leader

Combat First Aid instructor and CPR instructor

Combat Water Safety and Survival Instructor